The Red Right Hand

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Superwoman Scorned

Ivan Reitman
Luke Wilson
Uma Thurman
Anna Farris
Eddie Izzard

Bar his involvement with Old School, Reitman's career has been on an extreme down slope of late. Depending on what generation you belong to he's either the director of Ghostbusters, the God-awful Junior or the rather unpopular Evolution; he's also had a hand (as producer) in a large amount of comedy flicks over the last twenty years. My Super Ex-Girlfriend isn't exactly going to be winning him any popularity points but it's definitely a step in the right direction. Backed by a large array of special effects, this is the story of a New York superhero rather oddly named G-Girl (there are rumours as to what the 'G' stands for but it is more than likely part of the satire; ie. G probably represents 'Girl' - ah, sort of). With the recent rise in superhero/comic films it's only natural that many satirical pieces are going to rear their (dirty, filthy, money grubbing) heads, in an attempt to (cash-in while) lightly poke fun at the genre. I'm not against satire, I find it both humorous and intelligent - as long as it's just that. The reason for the bitterness is my detest for cheap, poorly written spoofs, such as Scary Movie, Date Movie, etc.

Unlike most superhero flicks which focus on villains and evil schemes with a love interest as a side note, My Super Ex-Girlfriend's attention is primarily on G-Girl/Jenny Johnson [Thurman] and her psychotic tendencies. I've always wanted a film to address this issue - let's face it superheroes are going to have problems with commitments, God complexes, dangerously powerful, bone-shattering sex..... *ahem* - my apologies; point being, anyone with unlimited power is going to have certain human flaws magnified as well. Which is just what Matt [Wilson] gets having asked out the bespeckled Ms. Jenny Johnson. Having revealed her secret to him (that she is in fact G-Girl - in case you weren't following), Matt becomes increasingly afraid of G-Girl's powers and short fuse. Desperate to break it off with the clingy, needy, mood swinging superhero, Matt turns to his pervy horndog friend, Vaughn [Rainn Wilson] for advice. Despite attempts to peacefully end the relationship G-Girl takes a turn for the crazy and in a flurry of emotion vows to make him pay. The film rattles on for a good hour after this, detailing the various methods used to destroy Matt's life.

Along for the ride - more after thoughts than main characters - is old high school pal turned arch nemesis, Professor Bedlam [Izzard] and the sweet office blonde (that Matt truly cares for), Hannah [Farris]. The inclusion of a realistic love interest for Matt adds to the script and offers a few derogatory jibes (bitch, slut, whore, etc) plus the odd cat fight scene but the ending made me think that Matt's still in the same situation he was stuck in - that's giving away enough as it is, but you'll see what I mean. Although Izzard did well as Prof. Bedlam, his part is too small to really notice or care about; he actually claims not to be a real super villain, being neither super nor villainous, just extremely rich and intelligent. The SFX are impressive and the humour has enough of a presence to keep you smirking throughout but its still largely flawed. I'm not going to say it's a fantastic comedy but it's probably worth a watch if you're after a light comedy, even if the final ten minutes are incredibly stupid.

Release Date:
4th August 2006

The Scene To Look Out For:
There's a scene where G-Girl opens up and explains everything to her boyfriend. In that moment she explains that he cannot reveal this to anyone, ever. She even adds a stipulation by making him say, "I'd rather have a chainsaw shoved up my ass than tell." This, however, is not the scene in question. Later, having broken up with her, Matt decides to tell Vaughn about Jenny Johnson's real identity. Just as he's uttered her name, she appears from a corner of the bar, wielding dark sunglasses and a chainsaw, shrieking, "I WARNED YOU, SAUNDERS!" It's a dream sequence but it made me laugh.... on reflection, it would have been funny to see Luke Wilson buggered with a throttling chainsaw; I know, I need help.

Notable Characters:
I'm going to go with Uma Thurman, her delirious eccentricities add to the humour (almost everyone's a psycho ex, or knows someone who has) although I kept waiting for her to produce a sword and hack Wilson to pieces (damn you Tarantino!). One of the funniest elements is Thurman's madness, not exactly Glenn Close (Fatal Attraction) but pretty.... close. I hate that sentence, it's possibly the worst I've ever written; pretty close... bloody hell.

Highlighted Quote:
"Your lucky this time, Mr. Bottom-Watcher"

In A Few Words:
"Possibly a bit of an awkward date movie but enough to keep guys and girls entertained for 95 minutes"

Total Score:

Matthew Stogdon